Meeting Minutes – January 24th, 2022

NOTE:  These minutes are preliminary and will not be final until approved by member vote at the next club meeting. Please notify the club secretary John Russcher, via email ( of any corrections and/or errors as soon as possible. 

Meeting called to order:

  • 7:10pm by Dave Jamrog

Secretary’s Report: John Russcher

  • The September 20th, 2021 meeting minutes were posted on the web site for review.  
  • A motion was made and seconded. The August 20th 2021 meeting minutes were approved by member vote.

Treasurer’s Report: Dave VerHoef

  • The club expenditures and account balances were reviewed. This includes the general fund and field improvement balances. This information can be found in the member’s only area of the club webpage or by contacting treasure Dave VerHoef.
  • $250 was moved into savings for the Geotex replacement fund.
  • A roller and fertilizer spreader were purchased out of the new field funds.
  • USPS post office box rent went from $120 per year to $162 per year, $42 increase.
  • A motion was made and seconded. The treasures report was approved by member vote.

Safety Report/Field Maintenance: Steve Kastens

  • The new pvc fence section between the two taxiways was damaged due to high winds. It needs to be repaired and new fencing attached that doesn’t catch the wind as much.     

Visitors and/or New Members:

  • No visitors

Announcements and Upcoming Events:

  • The event schedule will be worked on in the upcoming months and added to the club’s calendar and sent by emailed.

Old Business:

  • Scott gave an update on the AMA grant the we received. The completion report was sent to the AMA and it was accepted.
  • Dave VerHoef gave the 2021 budget report. 2021 income was $5,517.35, Expenses $4,166.56, retained earnings $1,350.79.
  • A motion was made and seconded. The officer slate was approved by member vote.

New Business:

  • TCAF received a $1,000 donation for the new field fund.
  • 2022 budget was reviewed and discussed. A motion was made and seconded. The 2022 budget was approved by member vote.
  • The board recommended to take the $1,350.79 2021 retained earnings and distribute it in the following manor. Additional $125 into the geotex fund, $500 into a mower replacement fund and $725.79 into the new field fund. A motion was made and seconded. The motion was approved my member vote.  

Comments and Questions:

  • None

Next Meeting:

  • The next scheduled meeting will be in May. Date, location and time will be determined in April. We will review our summer event and any other club business.  

Meeting Adjourned:

  • Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm.


  • Members present: Dave Jamrog, Dave VerHoef, John Russcher, Scott Storteboom, Tyler Kastens, Mike VanAanhold,  Ron Nienhuis, and Jim Herron

Revised 3/31/2020 JR – clarified USPS post office box rent.

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