June 6th 2018 Combat Event

This was our second RC Combat event of 2018. We had 14 pilots(9 TCAF club members and 5 guest from Kent Radio Aero Modelers) all flying the FT Bloody Barons.

Four exciting rounds were flown with Mike Tharp ending up wining the night with 1504 points. Second place was a tie between Lee Frederickson and Kelly Ellerbroek both with 900 points.

THIS is what the RC hobby is about. Flying, yes, but spending time with each other, both young and old and having fun. What an amazing hobby!

The Thank Yous. Thank you to our sponsors Flite Test and Lemon Rx for supporting our combat events. Thank you to Dan Sponholz for designing the Bloody Baron! Thank you to our faithful combat score keepers, Dean Shafer, Mike VanAanhold, Ray Weller. And lastly my daughter Ashley for taking the pictures tonight.

NEXT combat event is June 20th at 6:30pm. Come and watch if you are not able to participate.

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May 23rd 2018 Combat Event

This was our first RC Combat event of 2018. We had 21 pilots(12 TCAF club members and 9 guest from Kent Radio Aero Modelers) all flying the FT Bloody Barons. We flew 4 rounds with lots of streamer cuts and midair’s(10+). We had one pond landing, one lipo fire and lots and lots of laughing! It was a great start to our summer RC Combat season. Thanks to Dan Sponholz and Flite Test for a great combat airplane! The only thing I forgot was the group picture…..next time.

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August 23rd Combat

Our 4th Combat event of our 5 event series was held on August 23rd.  What an exciting event, 4 pilots scored over a thousand points!  10 pilots flew 5 rounds was a recipe for lots of cuts and continuous action.  If you have not watched one of these events yet you have to stop out and see what it is all about!

August 23rd Results
  • 1st – Kelly Ellerbroek – 1260 points
  • 2nd – Mike Tharp – 1168 points
  • 3rd – John Russcher – 1044 points
  • 4th – Brad Ellerbroek – 1008 points
  • 5th – Dave VerHof – 728 points
  • 6th – Lucas Russcher – 616 points
  • 7th – Ryan Storteboom – 536 points
  • 8th – Luke Shafer – 432 points
  • 9th – Scott Storteboom – 360 points
  • 10th – Aaron Dewitt – 352 points
Mike Tharp hangs onto the point standings lead with 2992 points. Below are the complete points totals.
Current points standings
  • 1st – Mike Tharp – 2992pts
  • 2nd – John Russcher – 2412pts
  • 3rd – Aaron Dewitt – 1844pts
  • 4th – Dave VerHof – 1652pts
  • 5th – Luke Shafer – 1576pts
  • 6th – Lucas Russcher – 1336pts
  • 7th – Kelly Ellerbroek – 1260pts
  • 8th – Scott Storteboom – 1064pts
  • 9th – Dave Jamrog and Brad Ellerbroek TIED – 1008pts
  • 11th – Ryan Storteboom – 556pts
  • 12th – Bob Kovacs – 40pts


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Our first combat event for 2017 was held on Wednesday May 3rd.  Fun was had by all four participants, Dave Jamrog, Dave Ver Hoef, Lucas Russcher and John Russcher.

Round One: Dave VH was the only one to successfully fly the entire round.  Lucas launched his airplane and once airborne realized the his streamer was still rolled up and attached to the underside of his airplane. He quickly landed to dislodge the streamer and broke his propeller. Dave Jamrog had a clean launch but got his airplane a little too far away. Dave lost orientation and his airplane when down in the field.  My airplane never left my hand. My ESC wouldn’t arm and it took the entire round to figure out the the esc was plugged into the wrong channel on the receiver.

Round Two: Everybody got in the air, WOOT!  We had a great round of combat with Dave VerHoef and John getting cuts.  After the 5 minutes elapsed we all landed safely.

Round Three: We all launched on time again and another 5 minutes of chasing streamers ensued.  More cuts by Dave VerHoef and John again with Dave cutting John’s entire streamer off with only seconds left.

It was a successful night of combat even though it took a little more time to get started that what I had planned.

Here is the score sheet with the first events totals: Score Sheet