June 6th 2018 Combat Event

This was our second RC Combat event of 2018. We had 14 pilots(9 TCAF club members and 5 guest from Kent Radio Aero Modelers) all flying the FT Bloody Barons.

Four exciting rounds were flown with Mike Tharp ending up wining the night with 1504 points. Second place was a tie between Lee Frederickson and Kelly Ellerbroek both with 900 points.

THIS is what the RC hobby is about. Flying, yes, but spending time with each other, both young and old and having fun. What an amazing hobby!

The Thank Yous. Thank you to our sponsors Flite Test and Lemon Rx for supporting our combat events. Thank you to Dan Sponholz for designing the Bloody Baron! Thank you to our faithful combat score keepers, Dean Shafer, Mike VanAanhold, Ray Weller. And lastly my daughter Ashley for taking the pictures tonight.

NEXT combat event is June 20th at 6:30pm. Come and watch if you are not able to participate.

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