Maiden of Rich’s New Edge 540 T

For those following progress of the Edge 540T that became my possession in Toledo as a partially constructed short kit, the Edge has flown. Had the maiden today at our field, Saturday the fifth of July. This 540T is built from Hostetlier plans, it is covered with Ultracote, and is powered by a TMM 106 cc engine. This plane carries seven Hitec digital servos, has two receivers, and is flown with my Airtronics SD – 10 G transmitter. The maiden went well, need several clicks of up elevator, and so far that is all that had to be changed. Thanks goes out to Mort Wright for helping me to get the engine setup properly. We richened it quite a bit, and after having it sag a bit on first flight had to richen it even more for the second and longer flight the engine flew the plane well the second flight. Two good landings later and it was over the Plane appears to be one I should enjoy for quite some time. Total hours spent on build for me was in the the neighborhood of two hundred hours. It makes one to feel good when the fruit is a nice flight. One picture is of the Edge at my home from a few days ago, the other is from today just before starting for the maiden flight.

Rich Moore

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