Meeting Minutes – July 27th, 2020

NOTE:  These minutes are preliminary and will not be final until approved by member vote at the next club meeting. Please notify the club secretary John Russcher, via email ( of any corrections and/or errors as soon as possible. 


Meeting called to order:

  • 7:07pm by Dave Jamrog

Secretary’s Report: John Russcher

  • Minutes from the June 29th meeting were posted on TCAF Web page for review.
  • The June 29th meeting minutes were approved by member vote.

Treasurer’s Report: Dave Ver Hoef

  • The club expenditures and account balance was reviewed. This includes the general fund and Field improvement balances. This information can be found in the member’s only area of the club webpage or by contacting treasure Dave Ver Hoef.
  • The treasures report was approved by member vote.

Safety Report/Field Maintenance: Steve Kastens

  • We received a new AMA Rules sticker and will be posting at at the field in the near future.
  • The safety report was approved by member vote.

Visitors and/or New Members:

  • We have two new members, Jeff Kubascik and Robert Selby


Announcements and Upcoming Events:

  • Horizon Hobby donated a E-Flite Turbo Timber to our club. We are selling tickets for a chance to win this great airplane. Tickets are 1 for $5 or 5 for $20. All proceeds will go to the field improvement fund. Tickets can be purchased from any of the club officers.
  • We had a member donate a NIB Carbon Cub S+ that they were not going to use. It has been listed for sale and is sold pending payment.
  • Rust n’ Dust will be in August 7th and 8th. TCAF will have open flying starting at 3pm on Friday the 7th and 8th. We will also have 3 or 4 rounds of combat and wing racing throughout the day on Saturday.

Old Business:

  • The four articles of the proposed bylaws that were discussed at the last meeting were reviewed. There was no additional discussion. Russ made a motion to approve the new proposed bylaws and Dennis seconded it. A vote was taken by a show of hands and it was approved unanimously by all members present. The new bylaws will be posted to the website in the near future.

New Business:

  • Rob Ferwerda approached the officers with an idea to move our field to the north side of the wooded area. He has moved the building, bleachers and the guard rails. Rob is filling in the ditch that runs along the north side of the wooded area and will be filling in some of the low spots where the mud run and sand tracks were. This will all be completed in the next week or two. After Rust n Dust Rob will move his pasture fence to set the north edge of where our runway will be. This new area has several advantages.
  1. More overall space, 3 acres versus 2 ½ acres.
  2. Longer runway by 50’. This is where we pick up the extra ½ acre.
  3. Overall it is higher over there. Some of our pictures from last fall and this spring show the east end of our runway completely under water but in the background we can see that this area was mostly dry. We could still have some minor standing water but that will most likely be along the edge of the woods.
  4. Better approaches from the east and west. This spot puts us almost centered east and west on the property. From the center of the runway we would have about 1200’ to the west tree line and 1500’ to the east tree line.
  5. Electricity! We are a lot closer to where we can connect to the electricity.
  6. We can continue to maintain our existing area while we work on this new spot.

After discussing moving the field to this new area Bob made a motion to go with this new area for the field and Scott seconded it. It was unanimously approve by all members present.  Below is a sketch of how the field will be laid out on the new spot.

Comments and Questions:                                                                                  

  • None

Next Meeting:

  • August 10th, 7pm at the field.

Meeting Adjourned:

  • 8:07pm meeting adjourned.


  • Members present: Dave Jamrog, John Russcher, Dave VerHoef, Scott Storteboom, Steve Kastens, Mike VanAanhold, Tyler Kastens, Bob Kovacs, Johnothon Goeke, Jeff Kubascik, Russ Verbrugge, and Dennis Delo


UPDATED Site Plan at the new area.

Taylor St Site

2 thoughts on “Meeting Minutes – July 27th, 2020

  1. Hello John, this is “SlowJo” from combat, hope you are well in this crazy times, I was wondering when TCAF will start having meetings again, I would like to join the fun and become a member, have a Blessed night, jo

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